What we do

NDT entails a variety of non-invasive inspection methods to assess material characteristics, components, or whole process units, including discerning and measuring damage to mechanisms and structures. NDT and inspection can be conducted during or after manufacture, or even on equipment that is operational. Within manufacturing, NDT inspections assess if parts/structures are adequately equipped for a desired function.

Parts are inspected to ensure they will tolerate a given lifetime or number of cycles before failure.Therefore, depending on the scale of the fault, if inspection is undertaken by companies that are ill-equipped, uncertified or inexperienced — or any combination of these — the results could be disastrous as well as potentially hazardous to human life.

How we do it

In South Africa, DEKRA Industrial RSA has two main divisions, DEKRA Industrial and DEKRA Institute of Learning.

ISO 45001-compliant, DEKRA Industrial is the operations side of the business, ensuring that deployment of NDT and inspection equipment and resources is optimised – locally, nationally and globally – and always with safety and client service top-of-mind. Irrespective of where resources are required, DEKRA Industrial ensures the best solution is found for our clients, deploying equipment and personnel strategically and ensuring the best optimisation of assets.

DEKRA Industrial is the provider of professional and innovative services in the fields of:
  • Inspection Services (QA and QC excluding third party inspections, Dekra is not an Authorised Inspection Authority (AIA) we contract this service out)
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Material Testing
  • Laboratory Services
  • Advanced NDT
  • Asset Integrity Services and
  • Industry Training (Institute of Learning)
Accredited by QCTO, the DEKRA Institute of Learning delivers HSE-based and ISO training service online as well as classroom-based learning, across industries, including government institutions and the commercial sector. The Institute is currently looking at offering different options in ISO training, including ISO 9001 – Quality, ISO 14001 – Environmental Management, and the latest Safety standard, ISO 45001. CPD-approved courses are also available.


With our 96-year-old global parent company supporting us, clients can rest assured that DEKRA Industrial has some of the most skilled and knowledgeable people onboard, ready and well-equipped to take on your project anywhere within South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

In line with our parent company’s global vision 2025, DEKRA Industrial seeks to be ‘the global partner for a safe world’, achieving this in all the key areas of life: at work, at home and in our surrounding communities, through our extensive expertise, wide-ranging services and passionate commitment. We are furthermore supported by team of people who are dedicated to ensuring long-term safety, quality and environmental protection.

During 2020, part of our strategy was to focus on expanding our footprint into Africa and we successfully registered DEKRA Industrial Mozambique — a key base from which to target the major LNG and power generation projects in the region — and which will form an important gateway into the rest of the continent.

We have also been awarded projects in key target sectors – such as nuclear - and in addition, we won the prestigious NOSCAR safety award for the sixth consecutive year, underscoring our commitment to be the ‘heroes of safety’.

In addition to all this, DEKRA Industrial RSA achieved ISO 45001 certification in 2020, one of the few NDT and Inspection companies to attain this status.

Looking ahead
Summarised in the concept and ethos of being ‘heroes of safety’, DEKRA Industrial’s experts take a holistic approach to solutions, backed by a portfolio of services which speak to every facet of health, safety and the environment. We value collaboration and long-term relationships; and, as such, we work closely with clients to design customised solutions to the challenges and concerns central to their businesses.

While we will continue to offer our conventional NDT services, we aim going forward to boost our Advanced NDT offering with a view not only to expanding our local footprint but our cross-border, pan-African one too. We will also continue to look for innovative opportunities where our Advanced NDT and Inspection services, facilitated and optimised by software intelligence – such as windfarm, solar and drone inspections – can be applied.

DEKRA Industrial is fully committed to becoming ‘the global partner for a safe world’; and look forward in part, to sharing that journey with you, our existing and potential client.

Please contact any one of our experts for further information and enquiries.

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