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DEKRA is one of the world's leading expert organizations. The company currently maintains a presence in 49 counties with more than 88 nationalities in Western and Eastern Europe as as well as in the USA, Brazil, North and South Africa, Israel, Japan and China. More than 44,057 employees are committed to ensuring long-term safety, quality and environmental protection.

The DEKRA Business Units Industrial, Automotive and Personnel provide professional and innovative services in the fields of material testing, vehicle inspections, expert appraisals, international claims management, consulting, product testing, certification, environmental protection and qualification.

DEKRA Industrial RSA specializes in Material Testing and Inspection services which include:



DEKRA Vision 2025

We will be the global partner for a safe world

DEKRA has been ensuring safety since it was founded in 1925. This basic need of people is met by our workforce of more than 39,000 people in over 50 countries on all continents with extensive expertise, wide-ranging services and passionate commitment.

In 2015 – the year of our 90th birthday – we stood at the dawn of a new era in our company’s history. We have oriented the statutory mission of our founding fathers for the next ten years in the context of strategic courses. On the road, at work and at home – DEKRA’s skilled experts create increased safety across all the key areas of life. By our 100th birthday, our vision of being “a global partner for a safe world” should become reality.

Contents of the Vision

Our Vision 2025 describes our model and contains five elements:

The Business Areas

Safety is a core need for everyone. We know that accidents can be avoided. Therefore, we concentrate on the three key areas of life: on the road, at work and at home.

Our Mission
Our mission is clearly defined: We ensure safety by the interplay of:
  • Technology and equipment
  • Standards and practices
  • Mindset and behavior

  • Our Corporate Principles
    The seven corporate principles help us to implement our vision. They are:
  • Economic success
  • Growth
  • Customer focus
  • Globalization
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • People focus

  • Employee Values
    Our people values serve as guidelines for the day-to-day behavior of all DEKRA employees. These include:
  • Responsibility for safety
  • Customer focus
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team spirit
  • Integrity

  • Further information is available in our Vision brochure available HERE

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